Low Vision Assessment Solutions

You know your patient is suffering from low vision. You know your patient could benefit from low vision aids. But where do you even start to find the best solutions for your patient's needs?


You see (pun intended), we're not random online sellers of low vision products. We're actual low vision experts who are used to taking the low vision bull by the horns and forcing it to become a tame kitten.

(In our spare time, we run an optical lab known for its tenacious spunk and undaunted perseverance in helping people see.)

To prove that we're here to help you help your patients, take a look at our FREE resources.

Also, take a look at the not-free resources (below) that we've meticulously created to enable you to evaluate your patients' low vision needs and find the best solutions for them. (Because your patients are why we're all on this page.)

Need a little guidance? Give us a call. Seriously. Nothing makes us giddier than helping people see.

E-Assessment Options

Check out our Remote Assessment Kits below so you can give Covid the cold shoulder while still helping low vision patients.

Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit

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Custom Glare Kits 

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Single-Use Glare Cards

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