Low Vision Glare Products

Did you know that the right tint can improve visual acuity and reduce discomfort caused by light sensitivity? Of course you did - you're probably a doctor or other eyecare specialist.

Since you already know about the benefits of addressing your patients' glare difficulties, we'll skip straight to the good stuff: our super-rad array of glare products.

We have compiled, for your viewing pleasure, not only a robust selection of fine glare fitovers, clip-ons, and glasses, but also our very own glare assessment kits to help you determine which tint will best serve your patients' needs.

So behold goods below or let us know if we can give you more clarity on our product lineup.

E-Assessment Options

Check out our Remote Assessment Kits below so you can give Covid the cold shoulder while still helping low vision patients.

Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit

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Custom Glare Kits 

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Single-Use Glare Cards

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