Low Vision Resource Center

Our passion is improving the quality of life for people with low vision.

We've put together a FREE and simple 6-step process to help you identify the right product for your patient's needs. Check it out below (along with our other swoon-worthy low vision resources).

6 Steps to Improve Low Vision

Find the best low vision devices for your patients by following our 6-step process. 

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Printable Distance Chart + Calculator

Using this printable chart, you can assess a patient's distance visual acuity as well as calculators to figure out the proper acuity for their vision goals. The chart is calibrated for a distance of 5 feet.

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Printable Near Chart

This card prints on a standard printer and has reading sizes down to 0.8M. Overlay a credit card on the printed sheet to verify chart sizing. (Be sure to print as full size and not “fit to page.”)

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TBI Filter Slider

This tool represents a collection of medical tints & filters that are our most popular for traumatic injuries, migraines, and concussions.

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Low Vision Filter Slider

This tool represents a collection of medical tints & filters that are our most popular for minimizing the symptoms of low vision. 

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CVD Lens Slider

This tool replicates the before and after effects of CVD lenses for patients who are colorblind. You can try it out for protan, deutan, and tritan color blindness.

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Measuring PD with a Credit Card

We created this video and accompany calculator to help practitioners serve their patients remotely using a picture with a credit card to measure pupillary distance.

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Need to Assess Low Vision Goals & Remedies?

Check out our two most popular kits below for evaluating possible solutions for low vision challenges.

Remote Low Vision Assessment Kit 

Many low vision problems can be remedied with the right lighting and filters. We created a comprehensive kit that helps determine the best low vision products for a patient's particular needs. 

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Custom Glare Kits

Designed to help eye specialists determine the ideal lens filters for their patients, our Custom Glare Kits offer a range of tints to meet your patient's specific needs.

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Interested in Establishing Your Own Low Vision Practice?

Check out our professionally created starter kits that contain everything you need to help low vision patients find the right solutions for their low vision challenges.

Starter Kit

A complete kit for kicking off your low vision practice.

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