Fitovers for Polytrauma & TBI

Have a patient who could benefit from medical filters for their traumatic brain injury, migraine, or concussion? With our fitovers, your patient can access the best of both worlds: relief from their condition in a convenient, removable solution.

Below is a breakdown of all the colors we offer specifically for TBIs and polytrauma. More information on each specific tint family and color is located further down the page.

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Need a specific tint or fit type not listed? Let us know. Our parent company, Chadwick Optical, can make fitovers, clip-ons, and prescription lenses in any color you need, including photochromic.


Green/Blue 20%
Blue/Green 20%


E-15 Blue (Light Blue)
E-30 Blue (Medium Blue)
E-50 Blue (Dark Blue)
z1 Blue (Noir 26)


Light Plum (Noir 88)
Medium Plum (COI Plum)
Dark Plum (Noir 81)


Light Rose (FL-41 75%)
Medium Rose (FL-41 50%)
Dark Rose (FL-41 27%)


Our Green/Blue colors were developed by Dr. Garbus at NORA based on his extensive practice in neuro-optometry.

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Large-scale anecdotal evidence based on Chadwick’s experience tinting 10,000s of e-blue shades suggests these tints are highly suited for relief from migraine, concussion, brain injury symptoms.

We’ve found e-blues to be especially popular with Veteran Affair TBI centers and have worked closely with VA doctors to confirm their efficacy in minimizing patient symptoms.

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Zee Blue

Zee Blue, also called z1 blue or noir 26, is geared toward patients suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.

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FL41: Plum & Rose

FL-41 has been shown to reduce the symptoms of migraines and blepharospasms in controlled clinical trials.

Our plum shades are spectrographically matched to Axon’s FL-41 filters.

Our rose tints are closest spectrographically to TheraSpecs’ interpretation of FL-41.

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Need Some Help?

If you need assistance finding the right frames, determining if a fitover model is available, or what tint is best for your patient, give us a shout. We’re happy to help you in any way that we can.

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